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Discover Voices of Change with 6 Black Women in Tech Podcasts

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Sadly and unfairly, black women, encounter more obstacles than other groups: Racial and cultural stereotyping, misrepresentation, discrimination, self-devaluation, impostor syndrome are among the many difficulties we face in the tech industry.

Many established organizations have implemented diversity initiatives geared toward overcoming technological inequality, but inequalities in the workplace remain. The root of all disparities is that we have not quite made as much progress as we need.

Now, why listen to podcasts hosted by—or about— black women in tech?

The rise of technology has opened up many opportunities in the world, especially for black women. In the past, black women have been pushed out of tech-related fields due to a lack of resources and representation. However, with the emergence of podcasts hosted by and about black women in tech, it is now possible to explore this space with an open mind.

Listening to podcasts is a great way to gain a better understanding of this issue.

I'd like to share some podcast. The podcasts listed below are in no particular order, and all are worth listening to.

1. Deeper Than Tech

(94 episodes)

Samantha Bretous host this insightful, comprehensive, and motivating podcast. With the help of other black women in tech they tackle topics like:

  • Being a black woman in technology: the journey and experiences.
  • How to progress in an industry that wasn’t designed for black women in mind.
  • Help build confidence in your career as a software engineer.

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2. Black Tech Unplugged

(66 episodes)

A podcast hosted by Deena McKay. A black woman who often found herself as the “only one” in many scenarios she felt alone in the tech scene. However, over time she has met a ton of amazing black people in tech who are creating amazing products.

Black Tech Unplugged was created so you could listen to black entrepreneurs talk about their experiences. Each episode was created to help you understand what others have endured during their tech journeys.

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3. Glowing in Tech

(15 episodes)

This podcast discuss technology topics between two black female software engineers and guests, this is a weekly podcast series about excellence in the tech industry. It aims to empower people from diverse backgrounds in technology, and encourages them to build strong technical skills in their environments.

Topics covered in the podcast include life as a developer, mentorship (on finding a mentor), neurodiversity, security, gaming, tech recruitment, among others.

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4. She Too Stem

(69 episodes)

Alanna (IE), Jeseekia (SE), and Kayla (EE), three black queens in stem, host this informative, comprehensive, and motivational podcast. It is well worth devoting your time to.

A series of interviews with technology-focused women. They share information about careers relevant to their subject matter, resources for women building tech careers, and provide job opportunities.

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5. Tech Girl Cast

(56 episodes)

A podcast by Jacqueline Corley, that aims to help black women discover and pursue careers in technology. Take the first step towards your new career today! Learn how to code with free resources and become the programmer you've always wanted to be.

Every Wednesday, computing expert, I.T. industry expert, and programming coach Jacqueline Corley offers her best advice as someone who helps aspiring female technologists make their mark in the field. If you are a female technologist in the tech industry seeking to improve your coding skills, or if you want to make the tech industry a more inclusive place for women, come to these events to get advice from Corley.

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6. Coding Black Female

(30 episodes)

Their primary purpose is to create opportunities for black female developers to develop themselves, meet familiar faces, network, receive support, and build relationships with each other through having regular meetups.

If you want to get involved and start building the community of Black female developers, then connect with the community. They are looking for speakers, sponsors and collaborators. If you're a Black female developer, and want to come along to their sessions, then you can join them.

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Do you know any other podcasts of women of color in tech?

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