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Are you trying to break into tech but don't know where to start? Or a software engineer that feels stuck in their career. If so, I can help you out.

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Nice to see you here! I'm Samantha Bretous.

Currently, a Software Engineer based in the bustling city of New York, I thrive on giving guidance to aspiring computer magicians and professional developers alike. With the lessons that the industry taught me, I strongly believe that anyone can learn how to code regardless of gender, age, race, and experience. Patience and perseverance are just what you need! My passion for coding and helping others built the foundation of my drive towards having a diverse tech industry. I am a huge advocate of breaking the walls of gender and race exclusivity by empowering people of color.

I am the host of the Deeper Than Tech podcast where we talk about things that could help people advance their tech career through our experiences on being black women in the industry. I also speak at conferences to offer a helping hand to those who are looking to progress in their chosen craft.